Aster puniceus var. firma

Common Name: Smooth Swamp Aster
Synonym(s): Symphyotrichum firmum
Soil: Mesic  Wet-Mesic  Wet  
Height: 3 ft - 5 ft
Blooming: Aug Sep Oct

This wetland aster produces 1" to 1.25" flowers which are typically light blue, but can also be light lavender. This species will slowly spread by long spreading rhizomes. Aster puniceus used to be recognized as one species with two varieties in Michigan. These varieties are now often recognized as two species. My observations in the field concur with these findings and our nursery will be propagating and selling these as separate species.

No photos are currently available for Aster puniceus var. firma. Although we strive to post our own photos of every species offered, we are still missing a few. We suggest either googling for images of this specis or please visit the USDA PLANTS Database for photos/drawings and further information.